30/04/13 - 14a FiM VILA-SECA
Pacosan - Maièutica, Univers - La Pedregada, Tiger Menja Zebra - Pot una espurna plantar cara al foc?, Tejero - Víctimas,
Extraperlo - Modelos blandos, Orchestra Fireluche - Xilofoneig (amb Marc Parrot), Núria Graham - Will, Adrià Puntí - Flors i violes,
Satèl·lit - Londres, Egon Soda - Nueva Internacional, Ramón Rodríguez, Maria Rodés i Martí Sales - Nusos,
El Petit de Cal Eril - Lleida Frega Fraga, Nothing Places - No Time, Sea & Sun - Joy of Youth, Salvaje Montoya - Secreto

07/05/13 - THE BLUE ALBUM
Weezer - My Name is Jonas, No One Else, The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Buddy Holly,
Undone - The Sweater Song, Surf Was America, Say It Ain't So, In The Garage, Holiday, Only in Dreams.

Ty Segall - Music For a Film 1, Atoms For Peace - Magic Beans, Best Coast - Fear of my Identity, These New Puritans - Fragment Two, Kim Deal - Hot Shot, Savages - I Am Here, Inspira - Nits d'hivern, L'Hereu escampa - La feram, Híbrida, Nen i Cavall - Guerraipau, Kiev Cuando Nieva - De tarima, F.A.N.T.A. - Yo no toco el casiotone, Playa Angel - Shangri-La, Esponja - No cuentas nada, Dulce Pájara de Juventud - Dear Bruno

21/05/13 - PRIMAVERA SOUND 2013
Wild Nothing - Only Heather, Tame Impala - The Bold Arrow of Time, Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain, The Postal Service - Nothing Better,
Death Grips - The Fever (Aye aye), Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes, Daniel Johnston - Live in Vain, Django Django - Life's a Beach,
The Breeders - Cannonball, Blur - Bettlebum, Dexy's Midnight Runners - Tell Me When My Light Turns Green,
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We No Who U R, Los Planetas - Ciencia ficción, My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep

28/05/13 - CANÇONS LLARGUES vol. 2
Of Montreal - The Past is a Grotesque Animal, Pink Floyd - Echoes, Deep Purple - Child in Time (Made in Japan), Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear

Tejero - El Rey puede violarte, Medievo - Cloacas de paz, Lost Tapes - War in the Netherlands, Nico Roig - Tocadiscos,
El Último Vecino - Un sueño terrible, El Pardo - La hoguera de San Jerónimo, Súper Cadáver - El sol me quema,
The Rosquettes - The Mysterious Ironmonger, Súper Gegant - Ombres, Japanther - Something To Do, The Dodos - Confidence,
Queens of the Stone Age - I Appear Missing, Part Time - I Won't Be Your Little Secret, These New Puritans - Organ Eternal

Beck – Defriended, Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted, Boards of Canada – Come to Dust, Chromatics - Red Car, Sebadoh - My Drugs,
Superchunk – Foh, Surfer Blood – Say Yes to Me, EH! – Bombones y vinilos, Vàlius - Fontana, Josep Xortó – I Remember, Mequetrefe - Orange,
David Lynch feat. Lykke Li – I’m Waiting Here

Miles Kane - Get Right, POND - Xanman, Bosnian Rainbows - I Cry For You, Sigur Rós - Rafstraumur, Hebronix - Viral,
TOY feat. Natasha Khan - The Bride, Cuzo - Turbisofon, Sam Destral - Noia de colors, Linda Mirada - Lio en Rio (Sabore Bicoro remix),
Ojete Calor - Cuidado con el cyborg (Corre Sarah Connor), Mood Rings - The Line, Part Time - I Want To Go, Washed Out - It All Feels Right

Bruno Lomas - Ya llega el verano, Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know, David Lynch - Star Dream Girl, Mood Rings - Minor Slalom,
College - A Long Sommeil, Porcelain Raft - Think of the Ocean, Hibou - Sunders, Smith Westerns - Glossed, Futuro Terror - El rito,
Delorean - Spirit, Standstill - La casa de las ventanas, Hidrogenesse - Choogaboo, Papa Topo - Lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado